Jack Bosworth, PhD

My version of active meditation is described in Meditation Methods. For best results, I recommend that you follow the instructions. If you allow yourself to be interrupted often while trying to learn meditation, you will probably become unable to use active meditate. The following audio files provide a progressive approach to learn active meditation, as described in the instructions. You will need to download these to your hard drive. The MP3 format is common, and these files can be played on any computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPod, etc.
Meditation Method 1 MP3 Recording (21 MB)
Meditation Method 2 MP3 Recording (18 MB)
Meditation Method 3 MP3 Recording (9 MB)

You can use active meditation as the foundation for Path Working. Path Working is the foundation to access you past life experience in general, and the past lives related to your reaction patterns in particular. Guided Path Working will not accomplish the same goals. My recommended approach to Path Working is documented in Path Working.

After you have successfully worked the 32nd Path enough times to be aware of your surroundings on that Path, you can probably see the warehouse just below Yesod on the right side of the Path as you are moving towards Yesod. Open the door and enter the warehouse. You should see your subconscious there, but if not, call to him or her. When your subconscious is present with you in the warehouse, you can ask it to guide you to a specific reaction pattern. If successful, you will see hollow tubes near the reaction pattern. I call these threads. You can enter a thread (I recommend starting with the largest thread), and move through it to the life in question. Once at the end of the thread in the life, you have two option to view the life experience. Think of the life memory as a tape that you can rewind or play or fast forward. When you "play" from a point in the life, you can experience it from inside yourself in that life or as an observer. As an observer, it's like watching a movie. From inside, you get the sensations and emotions and other reactions that you had in that life.